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Guyana Project Overview

The Arakaka Gold Project is located in Guyana, South America.  The project is made up of a number of permits, subject to underlying agreements, covering a total area of over 300km2 within the Northern Guyana Shield.  This project covers volcano-sedimentary Paleoproterozoic greenstone rocks of the Barama-Mazaruni supergroup which are highly prospective for large tonnage, orogenic gold deposits.

Figure 1 | Location Map - Arakaka Gold Project

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Geologically Guyana is underlain by the Guiana shield a Proterozoic aged craton that before the opening of the Atlantic Ocean was contiguous with the Leo Mann Shield of West Africa. As such there is significant continuity between the Guiana Shield and Birimian Shield of West Africa however, while Guyana hosts extensive greenstone coverage it remains significantly underexplored relative to West Africa.

Of the gold discoveries in Guyana, the Guiana Shield hosts numerous “World Class” (+3 million ounce) gold deposits with the majority of the known gold deposits located within a portion of the Shield that lies in greenstone belts within 200km of the coast.

Figure 2 | Arakaka Gold Project



Guyana | An Under Explored Country

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Guyana is located in the north east coast of South America, the official language is English and it is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations.  The legal system of Guyana is based on English common law and it has a modern and transparent mining code and a Government that is supportive of mining.